June Newsletter

Hey Everybody,

Since this marks our Final PACE Newsletter, I would like to discuss some things we’ve accomplished this year at PACE. But before I do, I have some breaking news!


Anyway, as I was saying, last year I ran for PACE President of the Executive Council and my goals were to make PACE better, increase the numbers of enrollment, explore different ways to fundraise, and build a stronger community. I believe with the help of Lisa Toudic, Eliana Kraut, Harry Dircks and the entire executive council we made huge strides on all of the above. Also a special thanks to Mrs. Parsley, without whose help none of this would have been possible.

Some of this year’s accomplishments include...

Executive Council Meetings​:

  • It was very important to us that the executive council tried to meet once a month. The voices of PACE students are passionate and your ideas helped guide the agenda throughout the year. These meetings were important but also time consuming and we thank you for attending.

MHS Administration Meeting:

  • The PACE Executive Council met with the MHS Administration to discuss ​different fundraising ideas that the Council wanted to explore this year and in the years to come.

  • The results were the approval of specified fundraising within PACE: the ability to sell raffle tickets during a PACE event such as Improvolympics, the ability to add advertisements to our playbills, to sell ads to businesses around the community, and the ability for students to buy ads in a playbill

New Ticket Prices​:

  • For some PACE events, we raised ticket prices at the door while keeping them the same online, building an incentive to not waste paper tickets and creating a new way to raise money for PACE.

Establishing Connections Across PACE (ECAP)

  • Although this program did only flourish for one grand meeting, I am happy that it was able to make its place in our busy PACE agenda. I created this program in the hopes of bridging the social divide between the seniors and freshman, in an effort to enrich our already inclusive PACE community and make the transition to high school a little less crazy for our freshies. I hope that next year, ECAP will be continued and hopefully have more of a place in PACE, as I was moved by the great connections I witnessed forming during our introductory meeting with the seniors and freshman.

New PACE Website​:

  • Thanks to one of our seniors, PACE now has its own website! This past year Natalie Manley created PACE’s own unique way of spreading its message virtually. We couldn't have thanked her enough.

Playbill Ads​:

  • We decided in order to get the community more engaged with PACE and to be able to raise more money for projects and new lighting equipment, selling playbill ads would be a good idea. We got over thirty local businesses to buy ads and raised over $1500.

Outreach to the Middle School:

  • At the incoming MHS freshman orientation, many students from the Executive Council gave tours and encouraged 8th graders to check out PACE. The reaction that night was ecstatic as many of next year's freshmen seemed very excited about signing up for PACE.

  • One way we tried to reach out with the Hommocks was by helping them with their musical ​Into the Woods​. Many PACE students of all grades went down to Hommocks for a couple of afternoons to spread the word about PACE and help out with their show.

Outreach to the Community:

  • We sought out to sell PACE Playbill ads to local businesses around the community. 32 businesses bought ads and PACE raised over $1500.

  • Over 30 businesses donated amazing raffle prizes for Improvolympics, including gift cards, baskets, and free classes. The small business community in Larchmont and Mamaroneck is a giving one and kind one. We are extremely grateful for their donations and when Improvolympics happens this winter, PACE will be ready.

  • By putting up posters all over the community and having students sell ads in person, we got to know the local business community. Businesses in our town that hadn’t known about PACE previously became champions of spreading the word about our shows.

We had lofty goals and a lot more planned but unfortunately these plans, like much else, were put on pause due to the pandemic.

I wanted to make PACE better because I love this place with all my heart. Luckily, I had a great team around me that helped extensively throughout the whole year. I want to say thank you to the entire Executive Council - it’s been an honor.

Before I end, I would like to say one more thing. Right now, as you turn on the TV or look at your phone you see chaos and destruction - a disastrous pandemic and racially driven brutality from law enforcement. It’s a very scary world right now and many of us feel lost. But it is exactly now when the arts are so important. The arts give us a power to express sadness and anger, and to bring people together. Here at PACE, we learn how dancing, acting, and music can move people. Wednesday night in Washington DC, at a peaceful protest in response to the tragic murder of George Floyd, protestors came together to march, speak out, and sing. They sang the words “we all need somebody to lean on.” The link below is a video of that scene last night and I encourage all of you to watch it. Thank You, Eddie Kam and Lisa Toudic

P.S. On behalf of PACE and the Exec Council, I (Lisa Toudic) would like to thank you, Eddie, for your continuous dedication, enthusiasm, drive, love and generosity towards our PACE community. I know it's been, not only a ton of fun, but also an honor to wrap up our last year of PACE by your side as your “running mate” and “Joe Biden.” Your mark on PACE will never be forgotten because now... “we know we KAM!”

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