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PACE Alumni

Where are they now?

PACE alumni can be found in all walks of life. While some are touring musicians or professional choreographers, others have continued to pursue music extracurricularly in college and others still simply graduated high school with an appreciation for the arts and never set foot on stage again. See what some of our alumni are up to now!


Dancer, Singer, Actor

Allison Podolosky

Allison graduated from Mamaroneck High School in 2012 and has since gone on to pursue dance, music and theater all over the country! Currently, Allison is in the midst of "audition season" in NYC and is teaching dance on the side, but her next contract is Cabaret at MNM theatre company in Florida this spring! She is super excited to perform in one of her dream roles (Kit Kat Girl Rosie) with a brilliant piece of theatre. You can visit Allison's website to learn more!

Alumni Musicians

Check out their music!


Sara Velazquez


Sara Velazquez is a singer/songwriter and current PACE 4 student. Heavily influenced by Amy Winehouse and Ella Fitzgerald, her music falls into the RnB genre with hints of jazz. In addition to writing and recording, she also performs her original music at local venues and most notably has performed original music at Carnegie Hall. Sara Velazquez has also collaborated with Ghetto Film School and Studio Period to make multiple music videos. Find out more and check out her newest music at


The Shadowboxers

Pop Band

The Shadowboxers is a contemporary pop band that found their start as a backing band for the Indigo Girls and has most recently worked with and toured alongside their mentor Justin Timberlake. Band members include Scott Tyler, Adam Hoffman and PACE alumni Matt Lipkins, who graduated in 2007 and went on to join the Shadowboxers at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. The band bridges the gap between classic, harmony-driven melodies and contemporary pop-RnB rhythms. Visit their website for upcoming tour dates and merchandise, or listen to the Shadowboxers on Spotify.

Unintended Departure Album Cover.jpeg

Unintended Departure

Hard Rock/Metal

Unintended Departure is a hard rock/metal band formed in early 2018 by guitarist/vocalist and PACE alumni Justin Laureano, guitarist/backing vocalist Waldo Martinez, and drummer Sacha Meytin, who was also in PACE. After the release of their debut album, Interitus, Dan DeGenaro joined the band. Check out their newest album When the Truth Falls on Spotify! 


Miles Coplin


Miles Coplin graduated from Mamaroneck High School in 2016 and released his debut EP Album Songs of Worry two years later in 2018. While at MHS, Miles was not only a member of PACE but a small all-male A cappella group called the "Valentunes" with some of his fellow PACE members. Support Miles and listen to Songs of Worry on Spotify! 

Kerr Album Cover.jpeg

Kerr Rudge


Kerr Rudge grew up in a home filled with the music of artists like Sam Cooke, The Beatles, and Depeche Mode His parents’ love of a diverse range of pop music set the stage for Kerr’s own songs, whose effortless melodies, soulful vocals and tight construction draw from the well of his earliest influences. Kerr is currently studying Music Industry at Drexel University. Kerr is a prolific songwriter who accompanies himself on both the guitar and piano. He graduated from Mamaroneck in 2019. Learn more at

Samara Jade.jpeg

Samara Jade


Samara Jade, up until recently known as Searra Jade, is as versatile of a musician as she is songweaver, sculpting intricately melodic compositions influenced by bossa-nova, swing, Appalachian, blues and “that Joni Mitchell genre.” Samara graduated from MHS in 2006. Her compositions are stitched together by poignantly positive lyrics on topics ranging from composting  to contemplating infinity, and her creatively groovy guitar parts utilize open tunings, harmonics, percussive techniques and warm jazzy chords. Check out her youtube channel or Spotify!




Obsessed with 70s fashion, 80s synths, and 90s culture - argonaut&wasp is a true combination of nu-electronic and raw-band energy. Headed by Trey Schibli and PACE class of 2011 alumni Theo Kline, the band plays live as a four piece, bringing their studio antics to the stage. Their music has been described as the perfect soundtrack to New York City, where they currently live, record, and perform. Listen to their newest single "TVS" on Spotify!

Matt Sax.jpg

Matt Sax


Matt Sax (PACE class of 2002) is a writer, actor and musician. His one man hip-hop musical, Clay, was presented by Lincoln Center, Lookingglass Theatre/About Face Theatre, Center Theatre Group, and more. Matt also co-wrote the musical Venice with Eric Rosen, which ran at The Public Theater in 2013. He is also one half of the music collective, Fellow Rebel. You can listen to the original cast recording of Venice here or read about Clay from the New York Times here!

Charlie Bikes.jpg

Charlie Bikes

Traditional Folk

For years, Charlie Bikes was a live-show-only local favorite, playing around the Larchmont-Mamaroneck area in restaurants, parks and other venues. But now, the group's debut album Time Well Spent is out on all streaming platforms. Members include PACE alumni Kerr Rudge (lead vocals), Sacha Meytin (bass) and Eli Gottsegan (vocals) as well as fellow MHS students Noah Freedman (drums) and Charlie Groniger (lead guitar).


Eliana Kraut


Eliana Kraut is a member of the PACE class of 2020. Her first EP Pomp and (Unusual) Circumstance was released in June of 2020 in honor of her graduating class and the extraordinary circumstances caused by the COVID-19 virus that high school seniors around the world have had to endure. Eliana's message is uplifting, hopeful and reflective, and brilliantly captures this monumental time in her classmate's lives.

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